SiSo Beach Mallorca

Services this project used

SiSo Beach Mallorca is a new high-end restaurant and bar that opened its doors in 2020.

This new venue in Palmanova approached Mallorca Web Agency to create and manage their social media accounts and digital advertising. 

Using a combination of highly engaging content, Mallorca Web Agency was able to grow the Instagram account of SiSo Beach Mallorca to over 6000 organic followers in its first 4 months.

After a successful first year, SiSo Beach asked us to redesign a brand new website for 2022.

Targeting locals and tourists of Mallorca

Our main focus was to target locals and tourists of Mallorca with the main goal of increasing restaurant bookings and reservations.

We used a combination of professional photos, engaging captions, and researched hashtags to put their content in front of as many potential clients as possible.

As well as this, we research and tested key posting times to ensure every post reached as many people as possible and worked with the algorithm of Instagram to get their posts featured on the explore pages.

High engaging posts

Every post was targeted towards English, Spanish and German clients using their local language and a reservation call to action.

We achieved a high engagement rate by researching and targeting the correct hashtags to get as many posts as possible featured on Instagram’s explore page.

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New website design for 2022

After a very successful first year, SiSo Beach Mallorca asked us to create them a brand new website for summer 2022.

This new design needed to show the venue’s brand, colours and quality while creating a friendly user experience for the visitors.

We used a mixture of large, high-quality images and lots of white space to really show the quality and class that this venue prides itself on.

A new review page directly shows the latest Tripadvisor reviews while the gallery page displays the best images of this restaurant to potential customers.

Digital QR menu

To help keep this restaurant modern and relevant, we created a digital food and drinks menu.

When the customer arrives at their table they scan the QR code which takes them to this responsive and interactive menu.

This multilingual menu increases the upsell of select items such as cocktails and starters and is also displayed automatically in the language of the user.

Digital menus are a must for any restaurant or bar that wants to keep with modern times and can create an impressive user experience for the customer.

See example.

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