Scout Mallorca

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Scout Mallorca is a leading real estate agency on the island of Mallorca. It specializes in selling luxury homes and properties such as villas and apartments for both commercial and private use.

Scout Mallorca approached us at Mallorca Web Agency to create a brand new website for their real estate company. Here is how we achieved their goal with a unique design.

Not your standard design

Scout Mallorca had a very clear vision of how they wanted their website to look and the experience the user would have.

We followed their unique design ideas and put their ideas onto the screen. They did not want their website to follow the standard website template that most real estate companies use. Instead, we completely redesigned the website and experience to really showcase the beautiful properties this agency has.

A high definition gallery on the single property pages creates a focal point for the user and brings their attention to the stunning photos this agency uses to showcase their properties.

A clear enquiry button on the bottom of each property page creates a popup that allows the user to contact Scout Mallorca about that property without leaving that specific property page.

Search and filter

We custom built the property search and filter system instead of using a pre-made template or plugin. This allowed us to really focus on the design brief from Scout Mallorca. 

The custom search feature allows users to filter properties not only by location but also by how many bedrooms and bathrooms the property has, the price range and the property features.

It is important to create a friendly user experience to ensure the user does not leave the website and goes to a competitor. 

We speak your language

The majority of Mallorca in Spain consists of people that speak Spanish, German and English. Creating a website in multiple languages is vital. The user can select their preferred language and view the website and properties without the need to translate text.

For an even better experience, we created the website to match the user’s browser language. If the user is using an internet browser in German, the website will automatically show the German version of the website. To conclude, this creates a much better user experience and lowers the bounce rate of the website.

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