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Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?

Website SEO is an important part of any website management, regardless of business or the industry you are in. Mallorca Web Agency’s bespoke strategies are tailored to your business to increase visibility in the right places and maximize organic traffic growth potential.

SEO offers a cost-effective way of increasing your search engine rankings in Google which then leads to increased website visits and conversions.

Mallorca Web Agency will work together with your business and implement the best plan to reach set KPIs, providing full reporting and transparency at each stage.

Rank In Google

How can we improve your Mallorca website's Google rankings?

Website SEO can seem very confusing at times, especially if you’ve never attempted anything like this before. Best left to the professionals. In its simplest form, it’s a fairly straightforward process of optimising your Mallorca website and content to reflect the phrases you want to be found for when people use search engines such as Google.

For example, if you are an estate agent in Mallorca, you would want your website to rank as high as possible when a user types into Google “properties for sale in Mall0rca”.

It’s also important to remember that SEO takes time, there’s no magic wand you can wave to get instant results. Like most things in life, anything worth doing properly can’t be rushed.

Mallorca Web Agency’s team of professional SEO experts are here to give you the perfect combination of on-page and off-page SEO success. We analyze your website and put together a competitive strategy for your business in Mallorca (or anywhere in the world). Take a more detailed look at our SEO services below and gain a more accurate insight into what we can do to suit your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

What services we can provide you

Local SEO

Let us promote your business to your ideal target audiences in Mallorca and get you noticed by those around you.

Mobile SEO

Create responsive pages on mobile devices and ensure that, whatever your visitors use to explore your site, they're always getting the best possible experience.


Allow us to showcase your website & content to a wider audience. Our team will help you get those quality backlinks, announcements, and recognition you deserve!

Technical SEO

Google and other search engines are just waiting to crawl your pages... best make sure they find what they're looking for. Our technical SEO team are here to make sure your page can be indexed effectively.

SEO Audit

If you need an expert to give your site a thorough once over, we'd only be too happy to oblige. Understand exactly where your website can be improved.

Ecommerce SEO

MWA optimise your site structure, get to grips with the keywords that your ideal audiences are searching for and implement relevant meta tags, descriptions and content.

Rank In Google

What service do you need?

We understand all businesses are different and require different needs and services. This is why we offer different SEO packages to maximise your ROI. But what package do you need an how much do you need to invest?

Basic SEO

For businesses looking to reach a local market.

Crawl reports and basic fixes i.e adding missing H1s and 301 redirecting broken links.


Basic keyword optimisation.


Short articles with average quality.


Basic volume of links generated from lower authority sites.


Summary of keyword rankings and overall traffic.

Advanced SEO

For businesses looking to reach a national market.

Advanced auditing methods and significant changes implemented by a developer i.e restructuring the site navigation or improving core web vitals metrics.


Keyword topic clustering to cover related entities across multiple content pieces. Includes auditing of existing pages plus refinement and optimization for older pages.


Longer-form articles with higher quality.


High volume of links created. Links will often come from medium authority sites, often with decent metrics.


Typically includes conversion tracking with performance segmentation for more detailed analysis.

Enterpise SEO

For enterprise businesses looking to reach a global market.

Analyzing user behaviour, creating a CRO strategy, and implementing UX/UI improvements. Long-term strategies tailored to generating ROI, will also factor in brand and reputation monitoring.


E-E-A-T optimization across pages. Also includes various SERP feature optimization for the best ranking opportunities. 


Written by expert writers, either your their own staff or sourced from relevant industries.


In-depth outreach strategy from a range of sources including high-authority sites. Link sources will include high-end digital PR and editorial links from quality sources.


Bespoke reports for optimal relevance to each client. ROI-focused KPIs to track client performance. Competitor performance analysis will be used in conjunction with this.

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