Natural Treats Mallorca

Services this project used

Natural Treats Mallorca was a brand new start-up company built in the summer of 2020. They approached us to design their eCommerce website and optimise the site for conversions and sales.

Along with the website design, we also helped develop their brand by managing and growing their social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram.

We used a combination of organic posts, paid Facebook posts and Google advertising to increase their traffic and sales profitably.

Natural Treats is now a well-known brand that sells its products to over 12 different countries across Europe and we continue to manage their website and online digital marketing campaigns.

Optimised for conversions

When it comes to their website design, Natural Treats needed a modern-looking site built with multiple languages. Each page is optimized for conversions with website sales being the main goal. 

We achieved this by building custom product pages and a custom checkout experience for the customer.

The addition of a subscription system allowed customers to subscribe to Natural Treats and therefore greatly increased the companies regular sales.

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Integrated CRM and email marketing

Mallorca Web Agency integrated Klaviyo as a CRM and email marketing campaign.

With Klaviyo, we could keep important data about each customer, such as the last order date and how much they have spent over time.

With this data, we can send highly targeted email campaigns. For example, when a customer has not ordered in 60 days, they would receive an email with a coupon to encourage them back.

High ROI with Facebook and Google ads

The majority of the first-time customers came from our successful Facebook, Instagram, and Google advertising campaigns.

After the initial testing stage, we were able to see which interests and advert creative were most profitable.

Using this information, we were able to scale the ads with a high ad spend and in return a profitable high ROI.

Website development and SEO

We continue to build and develop the website for Natural Treats Mallorca and increase search engine traffic with a successful SEO campaign.

We use a combination of international SEO and local SEO to target residents of Mallorca.

A good SEO campaign is vital for long-term success and allows the business to drive sales without the need for extra advertising spend.

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