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Oceans Beach Club Mallorca is an outdoor bar and restaurant located in the centre of the Magaluf beach in Mallorca.

In 2015 they approached Mallorca Web Agency for a full rebranding of their venue from Ness Beach Club to Oceans Beach Club.

Custom built website

We started from the very beginning when designing the website for Oceans Beach Club.

The website needed to have a modern design, a user-friendly booking system and be available in multiple languages.

The website for Oceans Beach Club uses a custom made booking system that allows guests to book their VIP area before they arrive using an event calendar.

We integrated a payment system to allow guests to book the beach club with a deposit or full payment.

After the guests booking was confirmed, we integrated their details with a table management system that would allow the staff to easily manage the bookings for each day.

Oceans Beach Club Website
Oceans Beach Club instagram

A big influence on social media

Our main goal with Oceans Beach Club was to get guests to book their bed for the day before they arrive.

We mainly achieved this through building the social media accounts of Oceans Beach Club and creating an urgency in the posts and content.

We use high-quality photos and videos of the venue and engaging captions to build interest and drive potential visitors to the main website.

SEO targeting Mallorca and tourists

The main target market for Oceans Beach Club is tourists visiting Mallorca but we also wanted to target locals and residents of the island.

Through a selective SEO campaign, we built Oceans Beach Club to rank high in Google for their relevant keywords and phrases.

Oceans Beach Club continues to rank above their competition such as Nikki Beach Mallorca.

SEO mallorca oceans beach club
QR Mallorca Menu

User friendly QR code menu

In 2021, we built a user-friendly QR menu.

While most menus use a PDF, we built this interactive menu into their website.

This allows for much easier navigation and the menu can be updated with new items at any time.

See example.

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