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Iroko Mallorca is a brand new cocktail lounge and Asian tapas bar located in Palma Nova, Mallorca.

The unique venue features a fantastic jungle decor whilst serving a selection of exclusive Asian tapas, sushi and hand-crafted cocktails.

The owners of Iroko approached us to develop a cutting-edge website to help bring their unique bar and restaurant to life.

Modern and unique website

We wanted to create something different for Iroko Mallorca and use the ideas from the owners of the venue to really help bring this website to life.

A custom-built loading screen opens the homepage and the background video gives this website character and depth.

We use lots of white space and patterned backgrounds to create a luxurious experience. This gives the user an exciting feel into how this bar and restaurant will be once they arrive at their reservation.

Restaurant website mallorca

Digital QR menu

We created a digital QR menu for customers to scan once at Iroko Mallorca to view their selection of cocktails, wines and food.

This interactive food and drink menu has several different benefits compared to the usual PDF menu you see in most restaurants. 

Unlike a PDF menu, this interactive menu can be easily updated, translated and adapts to the users screen size. There is no need to zoom in to read the text and the interactive buttons allow for easy navigation.

See menu.

Rank high in Google

The new website for Iroko Mallorca is not only user-friendly but is fully optimised for SEO. 

What does this mean? The website has been built in such as way, and with certain keywords, that Iroko Mallorca will rank high, if not top of Google for many search terms and keywords.

Since the first month, Iroko Mallorca has already gained over 1000 daily organic visitors to their new website using this SEO method.

Mallorca SEO ranking

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