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I3 Composites is a yacht composites manufacturer based in Mallorca that specialises in carbon fibre products for yachts.

They approached us to redesign their website and help them with SEO.

Modern web design

We redesigned their new website with a modern look and user experience. The web design was a responsive web design to allow their website to be viewed on different screen sizes.

The design colours were to match that of their brand and logo which are blacks and blues and the homepage was designed to be eye-catching and draw users attention to their products.

Each product that I3 Composites build has its own product page with technical specifications, a gallery and an enquiry call to action button. As the websites main goal is to gather leads and contact information from potential customers, it is important that we made it easy and attractive for potential clients to make an enquiry. In contrast to their old website, which had no clear contact buttons or enquiry forms.

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SEO I3 Composites Mallorca

SEO optimised for Mallorca

We researched a number of different keywords and phrases that users are searching for in their industry. Then we used web analytics and webmaster tools to analyse their current web traffic and website rankings on Google.

To help them promote their new website and web services, we created an SEO friendly web page for each of their products. We then used SEMRUSH to research the best keywords and phrases users are searching for in their industry at present.

Finally we optimised that web page content and layout to include those keywords and phrases as well as developed a call to action button.

This way, when any user searches those words or phrases, they will be able to see results for I3 Composites website and pages. This is one of the main benefits of website SEO.

All web pages built were done so using web analytics software such as Google Analytics which allows us to track how many visitors viewed a web page over a period of time along with whether or not they made contact with I3 Composites.

Fast website hosting

I3 Composites new website is hosted on our managed hosting plans and is hosted on the incredibly fast AWS servers with Cloudflare CDN.

Their new website has web page speeds that are at least twice as fast or better than their old website.

We also installed their new website using software such as Apache webserver to host I3 Composites new website on high-performance servers. Webserver software is responsible for serving up web pages and files so they can be accessed online.

A website needs to load quickly because users want a quick response time when browsing your web pages, if web pages take too long to load you risk losing visitors which means lost revenue. If a web hosting provider has poor quality hardware then it will negatively affect your website loading speed.

Fast web design in Mallorca

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